Twelve Basic Parts of a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Description: The self propelled lawn mower has more technologically advanced features and are specifically designed for bigger yards with hills and obstacles.


Buying a self propelled mower is not enough. In fact, there is one thing you must do prior to purchasing your favorite mower. This is learning the components or parts of this sort of a mower. We do not mean to scare you though. A self propelled mower does have the basic components you can find in any other mower. Even so, it boasts some features that are not found in a manual mower. Some of these make it its own driver, demoting your role to just maneuvering it to the direction you want it to cut grass. You should familiarize yourself with these parts so that when you get a machine it will be helpful to you.

Self Propelled lawn Mower parts
Self Propelled lawn Mower parts

Self Propelled lawn Mower parts

The components that you expect to find in your best quality mower include the following:

  • Cutting Blade reel or cylinder – This is a part found on a reel lawn mower. It usually features three to seven spiral blades. These are attached to a rotating shaft and keep spinning and cutting grass like a pair of scissors.
  • Body frame – Every self-propelled mower, and other types of mowers, have a body frame on top of which other components sit on.
  • Bed knife – This is described as the motionless cutting system of a reel mower. It is actually a cutting blade mounted horizontally on the frame of the mower.
  • Cutting deck housing – This is the protective housing that encloses the cutting blade and the mower’s drive system. The work of this deck is to effectively expel grass clippings from the mower as it mows.
  • Drive system – Mostly this consists of a belt that acts as a pulley system. Hydraulic motor comes in handy in rotary mowers.
  • Engine – Self propelled mowers use either electricity or gasoline to power the engine. The electric versions have a motor of up to twelve amperes. Gasoline versions power their engines with petrol or the recommended oil for the engine in question.
  • Wheels – The commonly found mowers have four wheels. There are two front wheels and two rear ones. The role of wheels is to ease propulsion. Some machines have larger wheels with eight inches or more of breadth. If your yard’s topography is uneven you need a lawn mower with strong and powerful wheels.
  • Starter – Electric self-propelled lawn mowers have a push button. All you have to do is to press this button and the mower will start moving and mowing grass. Some versions, especially the gasoline types, have a pull starter. You must pull this starter to start the equipment. Most people do not consider it easy.
  • Mulching blades – some of the best machines offer a mulching blade that keeps the grass clippings circulating under the mower until they are cut into tiny bits. Then the small pieces are spread on the yard to add humus. It takes away the hassle of doing the work yourself.
  • Grass catcher /bagger – Most 3-in-1 self propelled lawn mowers consist of a grass bagger or catcher attachment at the opening. It puts grass clippings in the bag.
  • Side or rear opening – This is very common in mowers that you can ride on. The opening is usually on the housing and it is here that grass is exited from.
  • Battery unit – The power of an electric grass mower comes from a rechargeable battery that usually has its place in the housing. Ensure that you always choose a brand that uses high quality rechargeable batteries.

As the competition in this industry is huge, you can expect that there are more than the basic parts mentioned above. Some equipment are so modernized that you can literally do nothing but direct your mower. It tends to know everything it is expected to do and works with just a little pat from you. You will be able to use a position height adjustment feature to control your grass cutting heights. Most modern lawn mowers have this feature.


This article introduced you to the main features of a self-propelled lawn mower. So now you know what features to expect to see. As noted above, more features added to make products more competitive and attractive to the customers should be expected as well. More detailed tips can be found at click here now.